Bright yellow handloom khadi with black Tiger motifs in Chikankari weave

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Description: The vigour and vitality of the shades of the golden sun is accentuated by the design of the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is a striking combination that is bound to steal the show. Pure khadi and the Chikankari weave both tell the tale of the weaver's struggle, we salute their labour of love.

Speciality: Blake was awestruck with the sheer magnificence of this Royal creature and so are we. The Chikankari weave adds to the élan of a beautiful summer wear. The patience and perseverance of the weavers combined with the ferocity of the Tiger make this ensemble a unique picture of India's diversity. It is ideal for women who love comfort over insane fashion trends and find solace in paradoxes

Weaving Technique: Handcrafted khaddar adorned by enthralling Chikankari motifs, giving the timeless a contemporary touch.